Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New post - which is irrelevant in this blog

Hi, i am publishing this post here, which i liked and is not supposed to post in this blog, but i can't resist posting it. One of my friend(Uday Shankar) has written a very touchy poem(Only people who are in love or had break up can understand).

"beautiful memories".

We had our first glance,
that was the start of our romance.
Then we had a small talk
while we had a pleasant walk.

We had some fortunate encounters
and we became regular chatters.
We always enjoyed each others company
so we started meeting few times ... then many.

Love was in the air,
each other was all, we care.
One day those feelings were expressed.
From that moment life get blessed.

We had our first fight,
but we can't live without others sight.
so we make up our mind,
to never leave each other behind.

Don't know what had gone wrong
I'm feeling dreadful for so long
The life has parted our ways
But those were my most beautiful days.

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  1. Thanks megha ... I am really glad u liked it ... :)